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Who We Are

Center for Health Justice is a non-profit organization dedicated to serving individuals with a history of incarceration. We provide health education and supportive services that act as a bridge to a healthier, more productive life. Send us a message, give us a call, or visit our Service Center today!

Classes, Trainings, and Groups
We provide educational enrichment and counseling in Health Literacy,
Risk-Reduction, and Substance Abuse. 

Advocacy and Innovation
We're developing enhanced initiatives, including: Women Taking Charge, Global Incarcerated Youth Programs, Web-Based Applications, Tech-Literacy Trainings, Obesity and Diabetes, and a 24-hour Service Center.

Guidance and Coverage
Our front-line team members serve as personal guides to help link clients into medical, mental health, and essential support services, including housing.

Center For Health Justice maintains fruitful relationships with numerous agencies in our field. We’ve provided a guide rich with resources for Job Placement, Emergency Shelter, Mental Health Services and more. 

900 Avila Street, Suites 102 & 301. Los Angeles, California 90012  T 213.229.0985  |  F 213.229.0986
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